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Web site update

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted here, mainly because we’ve been so busy with a number of projects, plus the day-to-day.  One of the projects is a totally new website.

We finally launched Friday night, after several months of development and testing.  The transition went well, all things considered. The new site is going to have lots of advantages for you, not the least of which are better searchability, and a really cool mobile version for your iPhone or Droid.

Where we’re at now is cleanup mode, essentially.  Little things, like adding the newest inventory that came in after we exported the product database.  Finding new images for products because the old ones don’t look just right to us anymore.  Getting our customers’ states back into their profile because that was the one element of that database that don’t map over.  Stuff like that.

In order to do these things well, we’ve decided to put the site into maintenance mode this week.  And maybe part of next week, too, truth be told.  This is a great week to do it, because it’s probably the slowest couple weeks of the year – when it gets stinkin’ hot, people think less about coffee.

We’ll post an update (probably on Facebook first) when we’re back online.



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